Friday, September 30, 2011

Old Devil Wind

I'm a very traditional guy. For the most part I embrace traditions and revel in honoring certain repetitions in history that are solemnly marked each year. Perhaps steeped in superstition, it's just the way things should be for certain moments, and you feel better knowing that you did your part (and often that whatever superstitious omens didn't disappoint because you observed tradition).

There are, however, some traditions, quite frankly, that I could live without. One that springs immediately to mind is the Old Devil Wind that blows whenever I begin the ritual of putting up my outside Halloween decor. I recognize and understand that this is more of a meteorological occurrence and not really bad luck year after year after year, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. And you can't fool the Old Devil Wind, either. He knows. You try a sneak attack a week early. Old Devil Wind. You're a week later because you're sick. Old Devil Wind. Rain or shine, sleet or snow - as soon as I dig out my box of wicked delights, a slight breeze begins to rustle the leaves on the trees.

I try to placate Old Devil Wind by making an offering in the fields: throwing some ragged corn-stalks to the heavens and letting them be swept to the horizon. Doesn't work. Old Devil Wind can't be bought off. He knows. He always knows. As the props come out of hiding and begin to mount in my garage, he blows more fiercely until I'm forced to abandon my graveyard, scarecrow, or whatever haunted task may be at hand for another, less blustery day.

Traditions can be a royal pain in the...WOOOOOOOOOOSH!

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