Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Garden Gourds

Once again we got hit with the white spots of mold on our leaves this year - so our pumpkins are only about half the size they should be. I treated them with a fungicide, but I think it was already too little too late. Anyone have any reliable home remedies for this?

Most of these are slightly smaller than a basketball, but a good crop considering we didn't get ANY pumpkins at all last year - just vines and flowers! We ended up with about a dozen medium to small sized pumpkins this year (our most ever was 26!)

Found this one that snuck into our strawberry patch. A nice, cozy home - he's the biggest by far!

I love this little pumpkin flower. Long after the rest have gone, this one just keeps on blooming each morning on a vine that's barely there.

And not to be outdone in the color department, these peppers have turned the most amazing shade of yellow and orange. Beautiful!


halloween spirit said...

Mold or no mold, that's a decent crop! I'm hoping for a final total of six or seven. None are as big as basketballs. A couple of volleyballs, maybe.

Hallowzing said...

I think the fungicide maybe bought us a couple of weeks of growth. It was just an off-the-shelf spray from Target, and I don't think it completely killed it, but it slowed it down a little. That stuff has shown up every year after the first year - little white spores that start on the leaves and spread down the vine, slowly killing it. From what I've read it will never go away until you do something about it!