Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Workshop

A peak inside my workshop. Sure, I could simply call it my 'garage,' but it sounds so much cooler referring to it in conversation as 'The Workshop.' The name, incidentally, comes from an old youth series of books from the '60's that were initially called 'Alfred Hitchcock & The Three Investigators' and later, after the death of Hitchcock, 'The Three Investigators Mystery Series.' In those books, the main character and chief investigator, Jupiter Jones, lived near - and worked part-time - in a salvage yard owned by his aunt and uncle. In a corner of the yard he had set up his own personal workshop that he might fix, repair, and rebuild old salvage for extra money. From his workshop there were several hidden entrances to a damaged 30' trailer camouflaged by junk that the boy's used as a headquarters.

Ever since reading these books as a kid (I own the entire series - now sadly out of print - in both paperback and most of them in hard cover as well, and have even tried my hand at writing my own many years ago) I knew that someday I would have my own workshop, too; albeit sans secret tunnels - although I do have a hatch in the ceiling that I call 'Door Four.' Am I a dorky kid at heart or what? Let's face it, the odds of living in a junk yard and/or a trailer were always pretty slim, and I don't have the braininess of Jupiter Jones to be a detective or the athleticism of Pete Crenshaw to make a living in sports. If anything, I probably turned out more like the bespectacled records and research man, Bob Andrews...

Here's a link to learn more about this great series of books and to pick up your own copies: http://www.threeinvestigatorsbooks.com

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