Thursday, September 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

Here are some utterly random thoughts of cool things I really dig (and one not so much...)

Question: Did my wife really just download the app ZOMBIE HIGHWAY on her iPhone? Yes. Yes, she did. Is it awesome? Yes. Yes, it is. Am I any good at it? Answer: Despite my affinity for the living dead, it looks like I will be one of the first to be eaten when the zombie apocalypse finally hits.

While GHOST HUNTERS has clearly upped the ante on their amount of ghostly evidence, this may be my new favorite show. PARANORMAL WITNESS airs on the SyFy channel and man is it ever creepy! Quite possibly the scariest thing on TV, last night's episode gave me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. Similar to an older show with the same format called THE HAUNTING (which aired on a different network), this one has much better production values and isn't quite so hokey. Good stuff and worth checking out!

Remember the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin soap I bought from Bath & Body Works? Yeah, it doesn't smell like Cinnamon. Or pumpkins. When you unscrew the cap to sniff it at the store it sort of does - but when you get it home and excitedly gush a mountain of foam on to your hands it just smells like flowerery, perfumey soap. Like grandma soap. Like they simply changed the color dye in the bottle from one of their summer flower fragrances to orange and slapped a cool jack-'o-lantern sticker on it. You've been warned...

P.S. The black Marshmallow fragrance with the spider's web on it actually smells like marshmallows. What marshmallows have to do with Halloween is beyond me.

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